variety and innovation driven by curiosity

A conversation is the starting point for our project development. We bring specific skills to bear and pay attention to space, structure, volumes, material, to proportions, how light falls and movement through a building. We do not overlook the technical aspects and are committed to sustainability, ecology and economy. We develop our buildings as if we were telling stories. They take place at a particular time, in a particular place and they revolve around the main character: the client and their desires. Their wishes and their budget set the scope of the story.

First of all, we get to grips with the wishes of the would-be builder. We ascertain what they envisage and sound out the future partnership. The basis of a successful job lies in mutual trust and engagement to reach a common goal. Together we walk out the location or the building to discover its particularities and the possibilities the place offers for future living. We enter into an exchange with the relevant authorities to ascertain the legal framework.

The first proposals visualise the development as a tale and in this we find the central narrative in tandem with our partners. We define the plot together with a team of professionals and skilled tradesmen and women; we want each of them to be inspired by the story. The building ultimately emerges from this scenario thanks to the commitment of all involved.

It becomes a success story when the story is brought forward by mutual appreciation, when it leads to new encounters and projects together. We are happy that many of our stories have had sequels.



Betty Neumann

Markus Lüscher

Thomas Steiner

Luis Ribeiro

Yannick Schmid

We are a small team with a range of backgrounds, different training and diverse areas of expertise. This capability enables us to work efficiently and dynamically. We tackle large and small projects with colleagues who are friends. International and national students continually bring new ideas and challenge us.

With thanks to Toni Hintermann, Heike Toussaint, Viktor Michel, Noah Steiner, Ueli Kägi, Bill Brönnimann, Frederich Steenkamp, Sonja Ilic, Gu Tian, André van der Westhuizen, Katharina Gehri, Kinga Rusin, René Hufschmied, Stefan Neukom, Walter Neukom, Tobias Oehmichen, Axel Petran, Urs Pfister, Hans-Ueli Rüetschi, Regina Bender, Stephan Bircher, Maurice Cueni, Walter Hammerschmidt, Jay Choe, Marc Liechti, Marianne Luchsinger, Barbara Müller, Caspar Oswald, Christina Pishmisheva, Dieter Schwarz, Gianpiero Sibau, Samuel Stalder, Eve Pfluger, Tiffany Tse, Thomas Wirz, Lukas Zumsteg.